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At 11:40 AM 22/04/2008, you wrote:
>Dear Jim,
>Still stirring the possum.

Hi Stephen -

Moi? Stir the possum?! Or were you referring to your good self?

I'm trying to fit what you wrote into my small brain - I get the gist 
of it and it seems true enough to me.

Any thoughts on what might be done to resolve the dilemma you raise 
in the closing para?

kind regards
Jim (who always remembers your casual comment one time "Oh, the 
cleaners are often here at 8.30 at night")


>As teachers we would do well to build more and more of our work into the day
>and less and less into the nights, weekends and holidays.  We would do well
>to accept the diminution of our holidays as long as the job made only
>reasonable demands on our time during the working weeks.  Schools would be
>more effective places if teachers stopped patching the incredibly
>ineffective and inefficient curriculum structures, administrative procedures
>and policy mazes.  We do not serve the profession or ourselves by
>continually allowing the role of teacher to be widened.  In this wider role,
>the parts that parents use to evaluate us attract less and less of our time
>and energy. The parts that our paymasters use to evaluate teachers and
>schools become larger and correlate less with the parent view.
>Serve both and you will lose more and more of your night.


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