[Offtopic] Good luck with your VicEdDpt advertisement

Meadows, Roslyn M Meadows.Roslyn.M at edumail.vic.gov.au
Wed Jan 31 23:48:08 EST 2007

Hi Stephen,
I checked my website statistics (for a cafe in Richmond) for January and tho=
ught the following might interest you -
Of 19110 unique visits to the website (who IMHO would be a fairly reasonable=
 representation of the general public)
IE 7         12.3%
IE 6         67%             !!!!!!!!!!!!
All Firefox versions 13.5%
Other browsers (Netscape, Opera etc) make up the rest.
Also I purchased a new laptop yesterday and after downloading all available=
 updates (how tedious - download, install, reboot - then repeat numerous tim=
es) IE7 had still not installed, I eventually just manually downloaded it fr=
om MS.  I thought this strange because it did automatically update on an old=
er laptop I have.
Although to you and I auto update just seems natural and sensible I still co=
me across people who have no idea what it is, or how to set it up. Remember=
 many people really have little knowledge of the finer workings of their PC=
 except for how to read and send email, surf the web, and get the pics off t=
heir camera (a perfect eg is my sister, & her hubby!)
So, chances are until Vista becomes more widespread than XP most people will=
 continue to use IE6 - except those of us who are more technically savvy and=
 therefore update - or choose Firefox!
BTW Happy New Year and hope you all enjoyed your holidays!
Ros Meadows (Back at BentleighSC!!)
meadows.roslyn.m at edumail.vic.gov.au
"Never put off until tomorrow what you can reasonably put off until the week=
 after next" Anonymous Couch Potato


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At 07:25 PM 18/01/2007, Roland writes:

> they might insist that only users running MS Vista
> with IE7 can use it

Well, it might make more sense perhaps :-) I imagine
by now most people running windows with auto-update
switched on (and why wouldn't one) will be looking at the
virtual world via IE7.

>Online employment groups such as http://yahoocareers.seek.com.au <http://ya=
hoocareers.seek.com.au/>  http://mycareer.com.au <http://mycareer.com.au/> =
 http://www.careersonline.com.au <http://www.careersonline.com.au/>  http://=
www.vedior.com <http://www.vedior.com/>  all work really fast, have really i=
nteractive websites and dont encourage users to login with any specific web=
 browser. Gosh, I can even do my online banking with an operating system tha=
t runs off a USB key.
>It is about time that insist on broader interoperability, DET should only p=
rovide content and functions that work with any standards compliant browser.

Thoroughly agreed .. imho, for way, way too long now the whole
Vic-Ed online-recruitment back-end machinery has been broken.
None the least because of, as you say, interoperability problems.

Up-grade compatibility issues should be handled by contractors
in a professional and timely manner, and it should NOT become
a problem for any school to find staff to front classes on day one.

Regards Roland
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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