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Hi all,

The following email is from the British Educational Communications
and Technology Agency (Becta) and lists some of the teacher-related
mailing lists they run. There's more. You may find them interesting.

Please find below, details of other SEN and Inclusion mailing lists that
are supported by Becta. These may be of interest to you or your

Children with medical needs (cmn.net)
This email list provides a forum to share questions and answers on
issues and concerns relating to the education of learners with medical
conditions. It is intended to support professionals in their delivery of
education to learners in hospital, at home, in an off-site unit or at a
mainstream school.

Distance Learning (distance-learning)
The group's aim is to share good practice and information in developing
distance learning for pupils not in school.

The Digital Media Community is an e-mail based discussion group for you 
to use to share your experiences, hints and tips in using all types of 
digital media.

Eal-bilingual (eal-bilingual)
This forum is for teachers of English as an additional language,
specialist classroom assistants and others involved in teaching and
supporting pupils from ethnic and linguistic minority backgrounds.

This forum is for teachers and others involved or interested in promoting 
the effective use of ICT in the classroom. It has been set up to provide
* an opportunity to discuss issues relating to teaching and learning in 
* peer to peer support and access to the shared knowledge and experience 
of the community. 
* instant access to colleagues some of who may have similar concerns. 
* opportunity to exchange different professional views and opinions. 
* access to expertise and up-to-date information.

Speech and language difficulties (easyspeak) This forum is open to
anyone with an interest in children's language and communication
difficulties, and how they are supported.

EBD forum (ebd-forum)
EBD forum is a UK based discussion forum for the discussion of issues
relating to the education of pupils with emotional and behavioural

High Ability (high-ability)
This high-ability mailing list has been set up for discussing issues
relating to the education of able children.

Northern Ireland special educational needs (ni-sen) This list aims to
develop a NI Learning Support / Special Needs community network with a
free exchange of ideas and mutual support.

Physical Disability network (pd-net)
The physical disability network is an email list for professionals
involved in the education of children with physical and neurological
disabilities and complex medical needs.

SENCO forum (senco-forum)
This email list is for Special Needs Co-ordinators, those in local
authority services and others involved in supporting pupils with special
educational needs.

Special educational needs and ICT (senit) The SENIT email list is for
teachers, advisers and others working within education to share
practical advice about how ICT can be used to support pupils with
learning difficulties or disabilities.

Severe learning difficulties forum (sld-forum) A forum for professionals
involved in the education of learners with severe, profound and multiple
learning difficulties.

Teachers of the deaf (ToD)
This list is for Teachers of the Deaf and associated professionals
involved in teaching deaf learners in schools, resource centres and

Traveller Education (trav-ed)
This forum is for practitioners with an interest in Traveller education
who wish to share ideas and practical advice.

Visual impairment forum (vi-forum)
This is an area for discussing issues relating to the teaching of
students with visual impairments.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact
me directly.


Jason Douglas
Online Communities Officer
British Educational Communications and Technology Agency (Becta)
Millburn Hill Road Science Park

Regards all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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