[Offtopic] Blogging Guidelines for Staff/Students

Therese Keane Therese.Keane at genazzano.vic.edu.au
Mon Aug 27 11:13:46 EST 2007

Thanks Vic - With staff, I would rather give them some guidelines at an
offical level such as:
1.    The College has jurisdiction of authority over blog sites that
staff would like to be made publicly accessible to its parents.
2.    Like official college letter heads, blog sites have to meet
College endorsed presentation requirements (e.g. graphics). 
3.    Blog entries from staff are to reflect the college's vision,
mission and values.
4.    Blog entries must avoid making reference to personal details of
the teacher or students. 
I would like to provide as many as possible so that staff members do not
exploit loopholes.


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On 8/27/07, Therese Keane <Therese.Keane at genazzano.vic.edu.au> wrote: 

	Given that we are moving towards blogging in schools,  I am
wondering whether anyone has created guidelines for blogging? Any
suggestions -even useful comments would be much appreciated - so that I
can compile such a list...

A really good strategy is to develop these together with the students.
It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing, but this discussion is great to
have on a blog, but can cause problems if there are no guidelines to
start with :) A normal discussion works well too though.

In the end it ends up being somewhere between your standard network AUP
and your standard school behaviour policy (use of language, bullying,
naughty pictures etc), but the students are more likely to respect it if
they've had a say in it (often the consequences they come up with are
harsher than what I would have suggested). 



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