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Yep .. QUT have a virtual campus where a researcher is running some
interesting projects.
I had a fascinating whilst sitting on a dragon on the roof of their main
info building.
Chap from the ABC bought one of my virtual water tanks for their Eco House.
Doubt that schools would have enough bandwidth, very demanding although
ripe for educators to dip their toes into the medium from home.

[image: The big virtual dry]<http://www.flickr.com/photos/plakboek/403332957/>

Regards Roland

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> > > You are invited to the grand opening of the Literature Factory at
> > > Kula 2 (187,7) in Second Life.
> Hello All -
> This got me thinking - anyone know of any
> universities/colleges/schools having a presence in 'Second Life'?
> Would virtual classes work, or is the interface too clunky?
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> This old fogie likes this one! (even though my mailer sends html mail)
> rgds
> Jim
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