[Offtopic] Guidelines on schoolyard brawls

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Sun Aug 12 16:16:22 EST 2007

"Teachers call for guidelines on schoolyard brawls"

Posted (on ABC website) 5 hours 30 minutes ago 

Victorian teachers are calling for official guidelines and training in how 
to respond to schoolyard fights.

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) has reviewed the 
actions of a teacher who refused to step in during a brawl at a high 
school, south-east of Melbourne.

VCAT found there are no set rules requiring teachers to physically 
intervene and that there appears to be no clear guidelines to advise 
teachers on appropriate actions.

Australian Teachers Union (ATU) spokeswoman Mary Bluett says teachers are 
concerned about the threat of litigation.

"When you are in a situation where a fight erupts, you are in two minds," 
she said. 

"Do I go in and physically touch a student and open myself up perhaps to 
legal action, or is the bigger issue my duty of care to prevent injury to 
that student."

The state's regulatory body, the Victorian Institute of Teaching, says it 
will examine VCAT's comments at its next executive meeting.

It says each school sets out its expectations of teachers in their 
employment contracts.

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Victoria, Australia

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