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victor rajewski askvictor at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 08:51:13 EST 2007

On 4/23/07, Cameron Bell <bell.cameron.p at edumail.vic.gov.au> wrote:
> Funny you should say that. I have an English teacher that had a bad HDD
> replaced by Lenovo. Was able to keep old one to try to recover his data.
> He downloaded lots of trial data recovery software- which of course
> asked for $ to actually recover the data rather than just display it.
> I booted from Ubuntu and we plugged in the old drive via a USB. Saw the
> files and  got the data onto the network (couldn't dump it onto his new
> HDD - I don't think the live CD gives access to the inbuilt HDD???  Well
> I couldn't find it in the usual places anyway.)

I suspect it is due to the NTFS filesystem driver in linux being
read-only by default; though recent versions are apparently quite
stable for writing.

> Not a problem. However I think MEPIS is a better live CD to use in these
> situations, more tools.

I've had in my wallet for a couple of years one of those little
business-card shaped CDs with RIP-Linux on it. It has been like a
swiss-army knife for me - has most of the tools you need for recovery
(albeit mostly command line versions) and it fits in your pocket.
There are various linux distros designed specificly for data recovery
and forensics.



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