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Hmm .. what do people think?

Friday June 02, 2006 10:16 am 

"RateMyTeachers.com, North America’s most popular education website, 
launches in Australia and New Zealand today." 


"RateMyTeachers.com has established itself in classrooms across North 
America as a useful resource for students, teachers, and parents alike.

Today marks the official launch of RateMyTeachers in the Australia and 
New Zealand. The site is an innovative idea, allowing students to share 
opinions and grade their teachers. 

RateMyTeachers.com currently boasts 9.3 million teacher ratings, over 1.2 
million teachers, and is currently in use at more than 51,000 middle 
schools and high schools across the United States and Canada. The site 
has been in operation since August 2001 and has quickly spread across 
North America through word of mouth. Each year, more than three million 
students log in to RateMyTeachers to grade and review their teachers. 

Joel Gordon, an English teacher at Amsterdam High School, New York 
believes RateMyTeachers "enfranchises our kids, gives voice to their long-
stifled expressions in a subject area in which they have loads of 
experience and are eminently qualified to speak. These statistics are 
timely, relevant and 99% honest.” 

With the assistance of over 5000 student administrators, RateMyTeachers 
reviews every teacher rating before it is posted to the website. Any 
malicious or vulgar postings are removed. If a teacher is at odds with 
any rating, that person can easily flag the rating and comment for a 
second review. The majority of ratings are positive, with students 
celebrating their teachers. 

Site co-founder Michael Hussey explains the goal of the site. "Students 
have a keen interest in rating their teachers’ performance in the 
classroom. The growth of the site in the US and Canada is a testament to 
students desires to take an active role in improving the quality of their 
education. We are encouraging students to really own their educations; to 
demand the best of themselves and their educators." 

© 2006 RateMyTeachers.com"

Ta Cameron ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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