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Nick Axaris na at willihigh.vic.edu.au
Thu Jun 15 10:30:49 EST 2006

I see many issues with this and none of them positive.
I might have a word with the union rep because I see this as open to all 
sorts of abuse.

stephen at melbpc.org.au wrote:
> Hmm .. what do people think?
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> Friday June 02, 2006 10:16 am 
> "RateMyTeachers.com, North America’s most popular education website, 
> launches in Australia and New Zealand today." 
> http://au.ratemyteachers.com/
> "RateMyTeachers.com has established itself in classrooms across North 
> America as a useful resource for students, teachers, and parents alike.
> Today marks the official launch of RateMyTeachers in the Australia and 
> New Zealand. The site is an innovative idea, allowing students to share 
> opinions and grade their teachers. 
> RateMyTeachers.com currently boasts 9.3 million teacher ratings, over 1.2 
> million teachers, and is currently in use at more than 51,000 middle 
> schools and high schools across the United States and Canada. The site 
> has been in operation since August 2001 and has quickly spread across 
> North America through word of mouth. Each year, more than three million 
> students log in to RateMyTeachers to grade and review their teachers. 
> Joel Gordon, an English teacher at Amsterdam High School, New York 
> believes RateMyTeachers "enfranchises our kids, gives voice to their long-
> stifled expressions in a subject area in which they have loads of 
> experience and are eminently qualified to speak. These statistics are 
> timely, relevant and 99% honest.” 
> With the assistance of over 5000 student administrators, RateMyTeachers 
> reviews every teacher rating before it is posted to the website. Any 
> malicious or vulgar postings are removed. If a teacher is at odds with 
> any rating, that person can easily flag the rating and comment for a 
> second review. The majority of ratings are positive, with students 
> celebrating their teachers. 
> Site co-founder Michael Hussey explains the goal of the site. "Students 
> have a keen interest in rating their teachers’ performance in the 
> classroom. The growth of the site in the US and Canada is a testament to 
> students desires to take an active role in improving the quality of their 
> education. We are encouraging students to really own their educations; to 
> demand the best of themselves and their educators." 
> Websites: 
> http://au.ratemyteachers.com 
> http://ratemyteachers.co.nz
> © 2006 RateMyTeachers.com"
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> Ta Cameron ..
> Stephen Loosley
> Victoria, Australia
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