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Kevork Krozian Kroset at novell1.fhc.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 11:45:05 EST 2005

Hi Roland,

No , haven't used Copernic yet ...
Why can't you see your H: drive from home ?  Netstorage or web folders will do it. 
We have full access to email, home drives and intranet from anywhere in the world. Speak to Jeff or Brad to fix the problem as it is invaluable for us needless to say.


>>> rge at westallsc.vic.edu.au 02/26/05 06:44pm >>>
Hi Bruce, I have something here too that I made a while ago. As it is
Copyleft, go ahead and hack it to your advantage! Just keep me posted on any
modifications that might benefit my future applications ;-)

Say, this is cool. I set Copernic to index everything on my home directory
at school on Friday. Although I am at home and cannot see my H: drive files,
I knew from a Copernic search on the laptop exactly where the file was at
school. I then used ftp to go and grab it for this e-mail :-D

Kevork, have you had a chance to play about with Copernic? Last week I
dumped using Google Desktop search in favour of this new desktop search
tool. I am glad that somebody mentioned it at the last PCEDUG meeting.

Regards Roland

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Hi Bruce,

    I just did a search on the IPM newsgroup ( Control F, with topic "lease"
and got many hits.  A screen grab is attached.


>>> Bruce.RILEY at kew.vic.edu.au 02/25/05 12:45pm >>>
Sorry to raise this topic again but I could not find any details in the
newsgroup archives.

I would like to know if schools buy or lease, and if they lease would
they recommend their Leasing company?



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