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Roland Gesthuizen rge at westallsc.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 11:45:05 EST 2005

Hi Bruce, I have something here too that I made a while ago. As it is
Copyleft, go ahead and hack it to your advantage! Just keep me posted on any
modifications that might benefit my future applications ;-)

Say, this is cool. I set Copernic to index everything on my home directory
at school on Friday. Although I am at home and cannot see my H: drive files,
I knew from a Copernic search on the laptop exactly where the file was at
school. I then used ftp to go and grab it for this e-mail :-D

Kevork, have you had a chance to play about with Copernic? Last week I
dumped using Google Desktop search in favour of this new desktop search
tool. I am glad that somebody mentioned it at the last PCEDUG meeting.

Regards Roland

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Hi Bruce,

    I just did a search on the IPM newsgroup ( Control F, with topic "lease"
and got many hits.  A screen grab is attached.


>>> Bruce.RILEY at kew.vic.edu.au 02/25/05 12:45pm >>>
Sorry to raise this topic again but I could not find any details in the
newsgroup archives.

I would like to know if schools buy or lease, and if they lease would
they recommend their Leasing company?



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