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I too am a little worried about shutting down all equipment.  Last year, I shut down everything in my computer room for the holiday break, and my UPS failed to come back on - yes it was old and dying, but now I don't have one($$$).  Which I guess wouldn't be so bad in Melbourne, but in the Kimberley is a little concerning.  Also in a place where we do lose power regularly in the Wet season/cyclone season, it can be frustrating getting all switches up and running again.

Have a great Christmas all!
Regards, Terri.

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DE&T schools now have a shutdown guide that lists different ways to to 
save power over the term break. It is certainly worth having a quick 
look at this process and its impact on computers, networks and other 
devices as I have just been through it with our facilities coordinator. 

We do a weekly shutdown of all the file server room devices so at least 
that much will be left alone. I negotiated turning off the lab hardware 
at the room circuit breaker instead of messing about under the desks 
trying to switch them off at the wall. Not sure of the wisdom of 
shutting down network switch cabinets as I am not convinced that 
everything will bounce back up once power is restored after each term break.

Am curious what others might think is, or isnt worth doing.

Regards Roland

Roland Gesthuizen - ICT Manager - Westall Secondary College
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