[Design and Technology] Which CAD to learn

Rob Kayler-Thomson Rob.Kayler-Thomson at geelongcollege.vic.edu.au
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Hi Maryann, I use Sketchup, solidworks and Fusion 360.
We mainly Fusion 360, my students adapt to it very quickly and are producing some fantastic work. We have set up ma Fusion channel in ( Microsoft teams) with lots of how to videos we have made relevant to the task to be undertaken.
My senior student love it and if fits in well with laser and cnc. WE have used it remote learning to design Pop up C-19 Clinic flat pack furniture and items for the totoyo Olympics .
Its easy to learn and lots of help available, both online and DATTA vic.
Lots of possibilities.
Solidworks is also great but bit more involved.

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Change of topic.

I am trying to decide which CAD to use with kids. onshape or fusion 360
I am a novice at both myself.
Is one easier than the other?
Will be using it for preparing /designing for CNC and Laser cutting
We dont have access to desktop computers so students will be using their own devices and as far as I know these programs are available online?

Regards M Augustinus UHS
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