[Design and Technology] Which CAD to learn

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Hi Maryann,
I’m a bit new myself. I started using Fusion 360 last semester with my students and have found it very good. Yes – free to download, and you can also create ‘Teams’ in which students can put their work.
There are lots of good You Tube tutorials as well, and through DATTA Vic you could get access to Aaron Powter’s webinar on using it. Depending on the materials you are working with, there are also some great wood tutorials on basic joints (butt, rebate, cross halving, housing, dovetail) aimed at Yr 10 VET students. My students found them easy to follow and each built in different skills in using the program – setting parameters, different ways for doing the same action, adding surface finishes, adding images for laser cutting/engraving. If you can’t find them on You Tube (can be a bit tricky), let me know & I can send you the link to get started.
Mike Lampard
Overnewton College.

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Change of topic.

I am trying to decide which CAD to use with kids. onshape or fusion 360
I am a novice at both myself.
Is one easier than the other?
Will be using it for preparing /designing for CNC and Laser cutting
We dont have access to desktop computers so students will be using their own devices and as far as I know these programs are available online?

Regards M Augustinus UHS

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