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About the SolidWorks Student License Program - Free download version

Hi Solidworks teachers,

Students  can now download "Solidworks" student version for free!   It
is only a 150 day (5 months) license, however, after it expires they can
save their part, assembly and drawing files to a memory stick then,
uninstall and reinstall the SolidWorks package without too many dramas.

This is only available to students of schools that already have a
SolidWorks  site license.  You  will need to contact Melinda Preston
from InterCAD  at:  Melinda.Preston at intercad.com.au  and ask for the
appropriate Code for your schools students. Once you have been given the
code, you can pass it onto your students along with this instructions:

To download the free 150 day copy of SolidWorks

*         Go to    http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/SDL_form.html

*         You will need the code (that Melinda Preston will give you):
ASK FOR IT to complete the form.  Once form has been submitted you will
receive a download link and an activation serial number via email.

*         Run the program and enter the activation serial number when

*         Good luck and make the most of this opportunity eh?

This is a  FANTASTIC initiative by SolidWorks because it means our
students  are more likely to continue using SolidWorks while they are at
school, not just in class or elective times.  Now they can work at home
on assignments and their own projects because they will have freedom to
apply time to work on their skills and interest at home. I can already
see more students using Solidworks in senior years. You may also want to
let your students know that Universities in Melbourne who offer
Engineering Design and Product Design Degrees all use SolidWorks and
that this engineering design program.


Mr. Cranswick

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