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Subject: ABC-1 new program on Innovation, technology and research


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I just heard on ABC1 there's a new series starting next Thurs night about
'how technology shapes us and we shape technology' (gee someone should write
a thesis about that), called 'Vision of the Future'. Seems the intelligence
revolution is almost upon us (and here was I thinking we'd reached peak

So I looked up the website,

... appears more from the science end of the technology spectrum than I was
expecting, but nevertheless, a few familiar people here may be of interest:

... Interviews with the world's leading scientists, include Artificial
Intelligence (AI) pioneers Marvin Minsky and Rodney Brooks, geneticist
Francis Collins, immunologist Anthony Fauci, neuroscientist Susan
Greenfield, and transhumanists, such as Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrum. The
programs discuss not just the likely changes that technology will bring, but
their implications across all aspects of our lives. 

Michio Kaku believes we are on the verge of a profound new scientific era -
we are reaching the end of the Age of Discovery and beginning a new age -
the Age of Mastery. We will become the active choreographers of nature. Each
program looks at how a key technology will transform life throughout the
21st century.




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On the problem with standardise technology experiences: 
"My concern with new technologies is that there is a danger that one is
asked to be too passive. What I fear is if you're just passive like that and
you're not interacting or introducing your own version of events, your own
inner world, you will end up just as a reactive kind of sponge, just saying,
if you like, yuk and wow, yuk and wow."
Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield, 2004, ABC-TV Catalyst Program,


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