[vet-mm] Mac vs PC. for video

Mario Yannakakis myannaka at bigpond.net.au
Tue Nov 24 21:38:28 AEDT 2015

Hi vet-mm list,

I would just like to chime in again.

Even though Macs may seem to cost more initially, the reliability and
longevity of a Mac certainly outweighs any advantage price point that a pc
may have unless you custom build your pc and you are willing to spend
serious money on it. I have spent big bucks on a pc for my 3d exploits and I
really don't regret it because my pc has lasted for three years without a
hitch and it still works like a gem.

But I also have a mac laptop which I have had for eight years and its still
going strong.There was one hitch and that was the battery overheating which
I replaced with a purchase through the internet for a lot cheaper than a mac
apple store.

At the end of the day its what suits the IT tech dept of your particular
college but I suppose it should be left up to the user to decide what
computer they want to use and ofcoarse the winner would obviously be mac. As
everyone in the whole world of IT , Video, Multimedia and Design knows now
its up to the user to tell the college what computer they would prefer...has
anyone done a user experience survey for preference of computer desktops at
secondary college for the students...mmm...i wonder what the results would

Yours truly,
Mario Yannakakis
Sessional Lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design.
(Motion Design and Animation)

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