[vet-mm] Mac vs PC. for video

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I guess ultimately it comes down to what exactly you are asking.

Is Mac better built than PC for Media? I would say yes but that might be a biased view.
Is PC good enough to do quality Media?  Yes.
Are PCs cheaper than Mac for the same specs? Yes.
Are Macs more complicated and unstable to configure on a PC based school network due to them not being friends? Yes. (hence the IT tech push to PC).

If your school can afford a Mac but can accept issues now and then with the network, stick with Mac.

If your school wants something cheaper, with less issues connecting to the network, but not as cool as Mac, go with PC.


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For years this debate will rage on, Katie.


For the students sake do not move over to PC. The underlying principles that we have been adhering to throughout our educational lives has been MAC oriented.

Mac has truly won the educational war when it comes to secondary education.
Graphic design applications and video applications have always been dominated by MAC.



Gaming computers are better run on the windows platform due to microsoft's brilliant direct x .but then again u need a dedicated video card that handles direct x.

Which inadvertently means that if you are running Autodesk Products or gaming engines you are better off staying with an IBM PC.


If you were to run a mac lab you definitely need more ram for your computer.
Instead of 8Gb I would highly recommend a 16 gb ram computer. This is the first step.

Then you need to purchase a dedicated video card that has at least 1.5gb -
2 Gb on board RAM.

And then also making sure you have a decent hard drive that is reasonably quick and has a lot of space.


Why do I recommend at least 16 gb of RAM you say? Well the answer is Adobe!!!

In order to run Photoshop or Bridge or Premiere and After Effects at the same time you need the extra grunt because of the way adobe utilizes its media cache.It uses shared RAM for all these applications because of shared driver link libraries ie .dll's such as media encoder and dynamic link.an 8GB ram system just isn't going to cut it anymore in this world of heavy resourced applications.


I hope this helps.


Yours sincerely,

Mario Yannakakis

Sessional Lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design.

(Motion Design and Animation)







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HI lister, 


I would really appreciate some feedback on the MAC /PC debate for Video production and the Adobe Creative Suite. 


After several.years of errors and problem  with our IT department, they have suggested we just bite the bullet.and move to PC..Which I don't think is the option. 


Their argument is that it is just the same software, however I've spoken to a few people who think MAC is still the standard in real world video production and at universities that specialize in Media.


Others have told me that a PC that has the same power would cost much more anyway. 


I'd love some feed back. 







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