[vet-mm] Mac vs PC. for video

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Yes, 80% of my students have mac laptops and we are a BYOD school, so they really need to be supported anyway.
is there a mac networking option  that we should be looking at?

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> Hi vet-mm list,
> I would just like to chime in again.
> Even though Macs may seem to cost more initially, the reliability and
> longevity of a Mac certainly outweighs any advantage price point that a pc
> may have unless you custom build your pc and you are willing to spend
> serious money on it. I have spent big bucks on a pc for my 3d exploits and I
> really don't regret it because my pc has lasted for three years without a
> hitch and it still works like a gem.
> But I also have a mac laptop which I have had for eight years and its still
> going strong.There was one hitch and that was the battery overheating which
> I replaced with a purchase through the internet for a lot cheaper than a mac
> apple store.
> At the end of the day its what suits the IT tech dept of your particular
> college but I suppose it should be left up to the user to decide what
> computer they want to use and ofcoarse the winner would obviously be mac. As
> everyone in the whole world of IT , Video, Multimedia and Design knows now
> its up to the user to tell the college what computer they would prefer...has
> anyone done a user experience survey for preference of computer desktops at
> secondary college for the students...mmm...i wonder what the results would
> be? 
> Yours truly,
> Mario Yannakakis
> Sessional Lecturer at Billy Blue College of Design.
> (Motion Design and Animation)
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