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VITTA presents

Visual Literacy: Adobe Photoshop - Part 1 

Engage your students with the exciting visual literacy techniques taught and
explored by Chemere Birkensleigh in this session. Chemere brings her skills
and experience as a Melbourne digital artist developer into the classroom to
show you some basic and more advanced techniques used in the media industry
with Adobe Photoshop. 

In this first of two workshops, you will learn about image size and
resolution; how to use masks to reveal and hide different parts of a layer
in a non-destructive way to edit your images; adjust image properties so
layers look like they belong together; how to colour match and tone using
hue and saturation; transform objects with scale, flip and skew; and pushing
the design to add emotion to your images by exaggerating colour, size or

This is for secondary teachers and is an introduction to the 6in6 Adobe
design competition coming up for students.

Part 2: May 2, 2012

When: 21 March, 2012 4.30-6.30pm

Where: Victoria University, Flinders Street, Melbourne CBD

Presenter: Chemère Birkensleigh

Register now

Game Maker Gurus

Why Game Maker? Making games with Game Maker is a lot of fun and allows you
to create professional looking games within very little time. Do you want to
gain confidence in programming skills, graphics, music and create engaging
gameplay to help your students (and you) showcase your talents?

VITTA and experienced teacher Nat Bradshaw present a practical session of
learning where you will explore Game Maker in order to learn, inspire and
engage. This workshop will assume no prior knowledge but will introduce any
teacher with previous experience to some new techniques. Game Maker's simple
drag and drop interface is friendly enough to use with as young as Year 3,
but through its powerful scripting language, it is suitable right up to Year
12 and beyond.

This workshop will assume no prior knowledge but will introduce any teacher
with previous experience to some new techniques.

Presenter: Nat Bradshaw

WHEN: Wednesday, 21st March 4.30 pm - 6.30 pm

WHERE: Venue: Melbourne High School, Forrest Hill, South Yarra, Melway Map
Ref: 2L J 3

Registrations <http://www.vitta.org.au/events/event/game-maker-gurus>  open


Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes

VITTA Office



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