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longjohn at netspace.net.au longjohn at netspace.net.au
Tue Mar 2 12:14:09 EST 2010

Hi Peter

The guys to talk to are the techs at Ringwood Secondary College they run a rock 
solid dual platform network. Paul Kingston heads the team there and his contact 
is paul at vixtro.com.

Regards John Long

Quoting peterfowler at optusnet.com.au:

> Hi All,
> We have a slight dilemma with our network and are looking for some
> assistance/guidance.
> The network server is setup to run both Mac and PC which works fine, but the
> Adobe  CS4 suite is creating some networking problems as it writes files to
> the library in a range of locations.
> If we let adobe write files across the network to the user account it slows
> down the log on and log off procedures, if we direct adobe to write the files
> to the local hard drive it creates issues for the next user.
> The above is a simplified/shortened version of what is happening.
> Is there anybody out there who has a technician who has managed to get the
> Adobe CS4 suite to run successfully across a  dual platform network.
> If so could you please contact me off list asap, because I need Dreamweaver
> running effectively for my first SAC and I am pulling what is left of my hair
> out trying to solve this.
> Yours Sincerely
> Peter Fowler
> Swinburne Senior Secondary College
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