[vet-mm] Re: Help with network issues

peterfowler at optusnet.com.au peterfowler at optusnet.com.au
Tue Mar 2 12:03:06 EST 2010

Hi All,
We have a slight dilemma with our network and are looking for some assistance/guidance.
The network server is setup to run both Mac and PC which works fine, but the Adobe  CS4 suite is creating some networking problems as it writes files to the library in a range of locations.
If we let adobe write files across the network to the user account it slows down the log on and log off procedures, if we direct adobe to write the files to the local hard drive it creates issues for the next user.
The above is a simplified/shortened version of what is happening.
Is there anybody out there who has a technician who has managed to get the Adobe CS4 suite to run successfully across a  dual platform network.
If so could you please contact me off list asap, because I need Dreamweaver running effectively for my first SAC and I am pulling what is left of my hair out trying to solve this.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Fowler
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

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