[vet-mm] What is your equipment setup like?

Luke Ellis Luke.Ellis at assumption.vic.edu.au
Mon May 25 09:50:36 EST 2009

Hi all


I've got a very average setup for VET MM at my school - being timetabled
against Media is part of that problem! I have a standard computer lab
that has Photoshop and Flash, but no Encore or Premier Elements. Have to
wait until term 3 for that to be installed! Cannot capture any DV tapes
to computers, have to do it myself at home. 

The computers that can capture are in the Media lab that I can never

So I need to acquire my own stand-alone computers and extra disk space
to work. What would people suggest is the best way forward? Approximate


15 students this year, at Yr 11 level of Cert III.



Luke Ellis

Assumption College Kilmore


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