[vet-mm] RE: What is your equipment setup like?

Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
Tue May 26 10:39:19 EST 2009

This is not a complete answer to your question, however here are a couple of minimal solutions that might help...

We do a lot of video work in Cert4 and Diploma classes, but not every machine needs to be capable of capturing - you could get away with 2 capture workstations for 15 students. Make sure these machines have a partitioned HD to capture to and explain to students that this is a temporary location for files.
We use Scenalyser (http://scenalyzer.com/) for capture -- set it and walk away, it does all the cuts for you. Of course you could use Premiere or similiar but it does have the same features.
All our students have their own external hard drives for backup and moving files between computers.
Moving huge uncompressed video files across a school network can be problematic - I would definitely recommend the dept get 2or3 very large external hard drives (Officeworks do a 1 terrabyte drive for $3-400) to move captured files from your capture machine. These would have to be under the control of the teacher.
Equipment wise - your 'run of the mill' 'off the shelf' Dell will struggle with video editing using CS4 - you'll need to spec those editing stations up a tad (then the Media class will be jealous).
Video work is usually a 'team sport' - we tackle shooting as a team and everyone does their own edit. I know this sounds obvious, but it does cut down on demand for expensive gear like cameras, tripods, capture software etc. That leaves more money for the editing workstations where it's needed.

Like I said, not a complete spec for you but I hope that helps.
Rob Swain
Gordon Institute

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Hi all

I’ve got a very average setup for VET MM at my school – being timetabled against Media is part of that problem! I have a standard computer lab that has Photoshop and Flash, but no Encore or Premier Elements. Have to wait until term 3 for that to be installed! Cannot capture any DV tapes to computers, have to do it myself at home.
The computers that can capture are in the Media lab that I can never access.
So I need to acquire my own stand-alone computers and extra disk space to work. What would people suggest is the best way forward? Approximate costing?

15 students this year, at Yr 11 level of Cert III.

Luke Ellis
Assumption College Kilmore

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