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Fri May 22 09:26:21 EST 2009

Hi Kevork,
So far so good with the Cert III in IDM. We have spent some considerable time getting the students design and aesthetic skills up to speed and have concentrated on Photoshop an Illustrator with a range of design and photographic tasks. Their conceptual ideas have improved from banal to vaguely interesting. The class have only recently started playing with Flash CS4 and are using some of the wiz bang new features.
One task that has worked a treat was to create a simple word Illustration/animation, export it then bring it back in to a new file, use the 3D controls and place it in a billboard photo. The 3D controls allow you to use perspective on the imported movie. 
Anyway it seems there is more flexibility and diversity in the new course and a positive encouragement for the creatively adventurous student.

One question to the group is about the digital video editing competency at Unit 3&4. Are there any Ideas for a simple introductory task hat I can run at the end of the year. I want my students to be familiar with the editing process and controls before they hit Year 12.
All suggestions are welcome.
Also feel free to email me directly as I don't want to clog up the list.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Fowler
IDM coordinator
Swinburne Senior Secondary College

> Ana Tuckerman <atuckerman at elthamcollege.vic.edu.au> wrote:
> HI Kevork,
> I am also going OK so far. We are just doing Cert 3 as its not too much 
> of a stretch from the last course. 
> So far we have combined Produce and prepare photo images  with Maintain 
> interactive content. The students did 4 different photography and 
> photoshop assignments then put them together in web gallery. We used the 
> pre made layouts from dreamweaver and they all had to link back home and 
> follow a set of standards. It worked really well. 
> We have just finished the drawing unit. They were introduced to drawing 
> in Flash, Fireworks and Illustrator. Mainly we used the Natcoll tasks 
> (rockship, Clock, Brick, Sunset and Egyptian symbols). Then moved onto 
> freehand(mouse) drawing, they traced their face in Flash, only using 
> tone, no line allowed. And have finished off with one and two point 
> perspective in Illustrator. Their assessment task will be to design a t 
> shirt that represents them, but is not of them, using illustrator. 
> Next term we will do Work effectively in the industry using animation 
> and film. Will end with Develop critical & creative thinking (OH&S is 
> done as homework) and am thinking of doing some kind of design stuff 
> with lots of design process. 
> Am hoping that I have then prepared my guys enough for year 12.
> :)
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