[vet-mm] PixelEd Day at the VITTA Conference Wed Nov 26th

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Fri Oct 24 17:02:21 EST 2008

OK the "special" day just means that VITTA have scheduled as many sessions as they could that are relevant to MM. This means you could attend on just this day and access lots of useful sessions. They also have a primary focussed day and a techies day. Still run a variety of things that cater to a wide audience but try to concentrate particular ones for a particular group on a particular day.

PixelEd have tried to look for a selection of Year 11 electives that best lead onto Year 12 and doing as well as possible in the scored assessment especially the exam. We realise some teachers love 3D and kids would enjoy it as well but we didn't think 3D was the best elective to prepare for year 12. However, sounds good for your particular situation with your other VET offerings etc. 
3D lovers please don't shoot us down, yes the 3D unit will have some relevance to Year 12, we just thought there were better ones, if you have your eye on yr 12 and study scores.
This would be a good issue to discuss at VITTA.

> Paul Maxted <pmaxted at delasalle.melb.catholic.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Claire,
> The reason I thought it might be special event is the ad. on pg.29 of 
> the
> VITTA conference booklet which suggests that a separate program is being
> run in parallel with VITTA sessions. So my mistake there.
> For me the most important session this year will be session 3414 - Shift
> is Happening. I hope that we can brainstorm some ideas for tasks in the
> new modules. In particular, what is common with the old course and new
> one.
> For example, I have budgeted for Punch! Building and Landscape Design
> software for CUFANM303A - Create 3D digital models. I haven't had enough
> time to think it through completely but students will be asked to draw a
> home to a clients specification then make this in CAD in 3D with a 
> virtual
> walk through. At our college we have a VCAL program and VET Building and
> Construction Cert. II program so this software can be used by other
> students as well if it meets the requirements of CUFANM303A.
> I feel quite daunted having to write the whole course again so any help 
> to
> fast track this will be most appreciated.
> Cheers
> Paul
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