[vet-mm] Actionscript help please

Brian Pearce BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au
Wed Feb 20 16:49:44 EST 2008

G'day John,

Could you have forgotten to name the actual instance of your alien movie
clip on the stage. I tend do that a bit and then spend time trying to
puzzle out why my scripts aren't working.

Just a suggestion,

Brian Pearce

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Hi All,

I am trying to do a Space Invaders game with my Cert 2 MM students. I
have a single alien movieclip that moves across the screen and a bullet
movieclip that moves up to the alien. 

I have the hittest code that I am unsuccessfully trying below:

This is in the Bullet MovieClip

if(_root.alien, hitTest(_root.bullet)){
		trace("in hittest");

The two movieclips collide and I get the trace appearing which means the
hittest is successful. I have the bullet remove itself with the line :
this.removeMovieClip();  My problem is removing the alien movieclip when
the hittest is successful.

Could someone please point a novice in the right direction?

Many Thanks,

John Edwards
Lavalla Catholic College
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