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Hi Mario

The Training Package is reviewed and re-accredited by the Industry Skills
Council, the National Quality Council, and the Department of Education,
Science and Training, and not by VCAA, hence I don't think point 2 is
accurate or fair. The VCAA have to deliver the course according to the
packaging rules set out in the training package.

There is also a difference between VCE subjects and VET subjects. VET
subjects are competency-based both in assessment and the way that the
training is delivered. It is an important difference and should flow through
to the way it is delivered and assessed.

If you subscribe to the relevant ISC web site, you can have input into the
re-accreditation process for Training Packages.

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Dear List,

These changes to the training package can be seen in a number of ways.

1. The demise of multimedia as a VET subject in schools.

2. VCAA's way of saying we don't want VET-MM anymore and they're trying to
smooth it a bit.

3. It could possibly be an answer to the industry's demand for designers in
the 3D arena. By introducing the students to more of the video applications
and media as a broad range topic in response to sites like you tube,
etc...In this case, the schools have to take the slack and actually promote
the VET courses until they bleed.
The problem is with this is that in the process you will kill media off as a
vce subject or perhaps VET Broadcasting.

4. I would hate to get paranoid but in my own opinion I think something
sinister is boiling.They've been trying to knock us off practically since
inception of Multimedia. Perhaps the experiment is over.

5. The question should really be how does the student benefit from either
VCE or VET? Do they have a choice now that both courses are practically the
same. Only time will tell!

6. Why is it that we as trainers don't have an input into the content and
deliberation before the course is changed? This really frustrates me.

7. The final question is how in the world can we as trainers accept that the
training package be examinable if the topics and range of topics are so vast
and widespread?

Yours sincerely,
Mario Yannakakis

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