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Wed Apr 16 08:50:47 EST 2008

Hi Mario, great points, but here's another one...

VET in VCAL. Multimedia at a Cert II level can be a great pathways  
into industry.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents worth!


On 15/04/2008, at 11:51 PM, Mario Yannakakis wrote:

> Dear List,
> These changes to the training package can be seen in a number of ways.
> 1. The demise of multimedia as a VET subject in schools.
> 2. VCAA's way of saying we don't want VET-MM anymore and they're  
> trying to
> smooth it a bit.
> 3. It could possibly be an answer to the industry's demand for  
> designers in
> the 3D arena. By introducing the students to more of the video  
> applications
> and media as a broad range topic in response to sites like you tube,
> etc...In this case, the schools have to take the slack and actually  
> promote
> the VET courses until they bleed.
> The problem is with this is that in the process you will kill media  
> off as a
> vce subject or perhaps VET Broadcasting.
> 4. I would hate to get paranoid but in my own opinion I think  
> something
> sinister is boiling.They've been trying to knock us off practically  
> since
> inception of Multimedia. Perhaps the experiment is over.
> 5. The question should really be how does the student benefit from  
> either
> VCE or VET? Do they have a choice now that both courses are  
> practically the
> same. Only time will tell!
> 6. Why is it that we as trainers don't have an input into the  
> content and
> deliberation before the course is changed? This really frustrates me.
> 7. The final question is how in the world can we as trainers accept  
> that the
> training package be examinable if the topics and range of topics  
> are so vast
> and widespread?
> Yours sincerely,
> Mario Yannakakis
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