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Michelle Dennis mdennis at mentoneggs.vic.edu.au
Wed Aug 29 09:02:40 EST 2007

I am going to teach Actionscript 2 next year, and teach 3 the next in
the following year.  I doubt they would require schools to buy CS3 for
2008 - it's not enough notice at this stage of the year!  The school is
going to buy me a copy of CS3 for next year.  That way I'm going to get
a year to learn the new system myself before teaching it.

I actually have been looking out for CS3 training and the only thing I
could find was the free Adobe CS3 showcase.


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Hi Peter,
Interesting issue. I don't know how different the 2 versions are, but 
others have also mentioned they are quite different. I'm still coming to

grips with the current one!
The new/revised training package is still not out, although if the past 
one is anything to go by, it probably won't provide much guidance.
If the 2 versions are really different, I guess questions about 
scripting will either have to offer choices-javascript, lingo, 
actionscript 2 and actionscript 3... or be very general, 
psuedocode-type  script.
This sounds the sensible way to go, but who knows? I guess we should ask

Yet another little issue to throw into the morass!
Claire :-)

peterfowler at optusnet.com.au wrote:

>Hi All,
>I was just wondering what if anything we as users of Flash are going to
do about the teaching of Develop a multimedia script in 2008. Do we
teach actionscript3 that is native to CS3 or do we maintain the status
quo and teach actionscript2. If we introduce our students the new
actionscript will the changes be reflected in the exam at the end of
>The changes in the syntax seem quite substantial and require some time
to rethink the way structure the code. 
>It would be nice to get some consensus on what is the optimum timeline
to change over to actionscript3.
>I was contemplating introducing it to the Cert II class next year, but
I would be interested in what other people think.
>If we intend to embrace actionscript3 can we look at getting some PD to
help with the transition?
>Yours Sincerely
>Peter Fowler
>Swinburne Senior Secondary College 
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