[vet-mm] Hours spent on Cert III Assessments

Michelle Dennis mdennis at mentoneggs.vic.edu.au
Mon May 15 09:15:36 EST 2006

This is my first year of teaching Certificate III, and I am growing
increasingly confused by the assessment requirements.  The Assessment
Plan for Multimedia states certain time limits apply for each assessment
task.  For example, they limit a 'Product' to two hours of planning and
state that the 'The Product must be produced within a maximum total
timeframe of 15 hours.'   This is vastly different to what I am hearing
in PDs.  For example, in the VCAA Season of Excellence Q&A session it
was stated that a student must have spent many hours outside of school
to complete the project and that's what stood out about the product.


The students I took to the Q&A session were understandably quite taken
aback given that I've made them keep diaries and to ensure that they
stay within the 17 hours.  They are students that want to perform to the
highest standards and many would spend hours and hours more if they were
allowed to.


What do other schools do?  I don't wish to disadvantage my class by
insisting they keep to a rule that every other teacher interprets




Michelle Dennis

Mentone Girls Grammar

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