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Kevork Krozian kevork at edulists.com.au
Sun May 14 22:28:58 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

   Sorry for the cross posts.

 I have just created a new Edulists service --- find a product for your needs. 
Please go to www.edulists.com.au and under products you will see details and how to use the service.

Basically, this is a service to connect you , your school or anyone else, with a supplier of any educational product eg. hardware ( desktops, laptops, projectors, photocopiers, printers, electronic whiteboards etc ), software ( operating systems, application software, monitoring tools, etc )  , training ( who can offer a beginner's course in Flash or Director or VB ?) , textbooks ( anyone know of a good textbook for VB.NET or VET-IT or perhaps on any other subject ? ) , reporting tools, networking software and tools, vendor training courses, reporting software , printing and internet monitoring and accounting software, multimedia tools, practice exams, revision notes, CDs, DVDs, learning activities, teaching notes and anything else that is out there that a supplier wishes to make available.

 How will this work ? 

If you wish to make contact with a supplier for any of your educational or school administratoin needs you can if you wish make a request via the form at www.edulists.com.au , Request Product Information. When the form is filled and submitted, it will be saved to an SQL database and the details submitted forwarded as an email to those suppliers registered with Edulists to provide that service. Those registered will be asked to pay an annual fee to keep Edulists going in return for making contact with prospective teachers and schools that may wish to find out more details about their products. The list of products will grow/adapt to the needs of teachers and schools and the availability of suppliers.

This is done with the clear understanding that neither the school nor teacher is under any obligation to these prospective suppliers by submitting this request and Edulists does not take responsibility for any outcomes beyond connecting the two parties for further communication.
Furthermore, this will keep the lists free from any advertising and intrusions from commercial suppliers; maintain the service as it stands and allow for an avenue of income to make Edulists keep operating.

This will help to keep Edulists free for you without the need to consider an annual subscription fee or the like,  and funded fairly and adequately to make it possible for the service to keep running and the hours ( or was that hundreds of hours ?)  of labour and time put in by yours truly and the moderators of lists, software, hardware and other costs to be able to be met.

Please take a minute to read the full outline under products, at www.edulists.com.au and I welcome any suggestions. 
As with everything else on these lists, it is what we all make it, so let's consider it in the spirit of cooperation and support for the best outcomes for our students and schools.

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
Mailing List Creator and Administrator
kevork at edulists.com.au
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