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Marian, try calling Ausmedia (link is below). I have bought two laser colour
printers from them in the past 4 - 5 years and both have been great. The
first was a Minolta QMS 2200 DeskLaser, and the second one escapes me at the
The Minolta cost me approx $3000, the second one (newer and better) cost me
around $2000 (costs have come down).
The cost is reasonable to run, much cheaper than inkjet. Speed is quite good
as well - around 10 ppm for colour and 14 ppm for black and white.
You can get colour lasers from $200 - $300 but it really depends on the
volume of printing you are doing. If you tell me the volume they will
recommend the corersponding unit to buy. I found them very helpful (and no I
don't get kickbacks from them).
Good luck!!

Kind regards

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Hi all,
I am seeking some suggestions for a colour printer. Currently we are
networked to the Epson colour printer in our library, but there are always
problems, with the quality of the print or whether it prints at all. Not to
mention whether the library is shut or whether the librarians are feeling
helpful that day. So I have got the OK to buy my own for the MM room, to be
Should I go laser or inkjet, what brand is reliable, any success stories? 
I should also consider cost and replaceability of cartridges. Cost of the
printer itself is not too much of an issue - I would rather spend more to
get something which is reliable and produces a high quality result.
I'd love any feedback, either to the list or to
stoney.marian.sy at edumail.vic.gov.au


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