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Richard, Greg, et. al.
It is good to see this list going well. Thanks Kevork.
Regarding the revised study design, I must say that I was greatly
surprised.  The removal of some of the texts was not what I expected.  I
agree with Richard that the Sartre deletion will be noticed. King will
also be missed.
I actually showed the revisions to some former students a few weeks ago
and they were almost incensed about it.  As difficult as all of the
texts were, they did not want any of them to be deleted. :)  Wow, I must
have sold well to them....
I have not spent much time pondering the changes, but I am happy to see
that we will have more time to work with the individual texts.
Well, good day to all and I look forward to reading more ruminations.


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What a sick puppy you are Greg.  All those floods out your way have done
nothing to cleanse your heretical ways I see!!
While there's a little life in this list, does anyone have any comments
on the new study for next year?  I confess to being a little taken aback
by some of the text choices... I think Sartre was one of the better ones
- certainly from the kids' perspective.  Any thoughts?


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Richard's "inner Paris Hilton" - awwww, that I'd like to see! So cute!

Greyruin the heretic.
(aka Greg Durkin)
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