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Fri Mar 25 10:20:04 EST 2005

g'day everyone. i've started a year 10 introduction to philosophy 101 class this year. they're rocking along at the moment.
doing a variety of stuff on free will. kids struggled with reading material at first (Aristotle is a bit heavy i have found) but seem to love jean-paul sartre (love as in hate/disagree and also agree thus excellent discussion generator! Jean-Paul Sartre - Freedom & Responsibility, taken from his work Being and Nothingness.)
i have these guys for two doubles a week which i find sensational. resoning skills began rather poor however students seemed to have developed greatly over the last three weeks. dumbing down and unpackingphilosophy texts seems to work well for my kids and once text is unpacked, students are then able to follow a line of reasoning and structure which they tend to unconsciously adopt.
following web site is fantastic. heaps of stuff can be done with it, especially playing the games. great for moral/ethics study!
have fun, i'll try to post more resources that may be helpful for 11&12 philo in future.
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