[Offtopic] 1:1 and the future of Computer Labs

WEIR Andrew andrew.weir at thomascarr.vic.edu.au
Tue Jun 18 15:13:07 EST 2013

Dear all,
As some of you may be aware we are a 1:1 Ipad School with computer labs as well.

I am interested to hear from schools on the 1:1 journey in relation to what they are doing with the ex-lease or end of line computer labs.
We will always have some labs for subjects but the number is reducing as devices improve.

At this point in time we are able to keep our current computers for at least another year as they were purchased rather than leased but thinking strategically, "What's Next?"

I am also looking at what other schools are doing in relation to Media, Digital Arts  and Video editing based subjects, we have a series of IMAC labs that will eventually need to be replaced and am interested if Macs truly are "industry standard" or is it more the ability to use the software such as Premier, Photoshop, AVID that is more significant?

I have sourced info myself from my non-teaching networks but feel that in the MAC / PC ,"Industry Standard" argument I may be biased in my opinion.
So I am interested in the opinions of others so that I can take the information back to the rest of our technology team.


Andrew Weir
Head Of Learning eLearning
Thomas Carr College


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