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Paul Golub golupau at santamaria.vic.edu.au
Wed Aug 18 14:37:53 EST 2010

Hello Andrew,

the staff here use ASUS Model:A8S.
They are on a 3 year lease and this is our final year. Starting to look around for new ones for next year.
We looked at a number of laptop brands 3 years ago and chose ASUS. Our Techo had a big hand in it and he thought these were the best suited to the staff at the time.

They are starting to struggle a bit now. We've had a few problems. The actual cover of the laptop breaks where the hinges are. A few hard drives have stopped working and needed replacing. The batteries are starting to pack it in. Not lasting as long as they used to. Get about an hours use unpluged. I don't know if these are common problems with most laptops. Repairs have been good. Generally within a few days. Staff use a replacement laptop. They fit well with the staff. Good size -not too small you can't see or not too big to lug around. Runs all our required software. ON the whole, I've found them to be good.

If you need anymore info, let me know.

Paul Golub
Santa Maria College
50 Separation Street
Northcote 3070
Ph: 9488 1674

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Dear all,
Are there any schools using ASUS laptops for there staff?
I am after some feed back on quality, reliability and general fit in a
school environment!

Andrew Weir

Information Technology Co-ordinator 

Thomas Carr College

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