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Dr Paul Chandler paul.chandler at une.edu.au
Sat Nov 14 13:27:00 EST 2009

Hi folks,

I gave myself a little scare yesterday by mislaying a memory stick. 
Nothing worse than losing data like that.

So I applied myself to sorting out and automatic backup - everytime a
stick goes in, it's backed up to the HDD.  You may not want to manage your
files that way, but it suits me.

In the process, I discovered one of the coolest pieces of software I have
seen in a long time - the USB Drive Letter Manager:

Using this, you can activate a process (eg copy) when a memory stick is
inserted [as programmed on the host computer, not the autorun.inf on the
stick], lock a stick to a particular drive letter, and even mount it to a
virtual folder (eg c:\_USB\DeviceID) rather than a drive letter.

Anyway, it's the sort of product that I wished I knew about when I was
managing disk images in schools, so I thought I'd send it around.


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