[Offtopic] netbooks and schools: an evolution

Bill Kerr billkerr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 14 10:56:58 EST 2009


draft of my upcoming cegsa (computer education group of south australia)
presentation - I am interested in feedback

The presentation consists of a review of some modern technologies and
attitudes towards technologies.

Technologies reviewed: smart phones, ebook readers, (educationally
customised) handhelds, enhanced screen (Mary Lou Jepson), Cloud computing,
One Laptop Per Child and netbooks.

Attitudes reviewed: Just a tool, Them and us (damnation, salvation), Us as
them (augmentation), The pencil metaphor (Seymour Papert), Misuse of
computers (Larry Cuban), Disruptive innovation (Clayton Christensen),
Software as medium, The historical analogy of the printing press, Personal
dynamic medium (Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg)

It is intended to be a broad introductory document about the interaction
between these technologies and attitudes. Hopefully it will lead to further

Bill Kerr
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