[Offtopic] is ubuntu superior?

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Arch is superior to both
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2009/6/11 Bill Kerr <billkerr at gmail.com>

> When our network manager recently became very enthusiastic about the latest
> Ubuntu <http://www.ubuntu.com/> release (9.04), I asked him to spell it
> out. This is what he said:
> Ubuntu is better than Windows (eg. Vista) as follows:
>    - managing memory
>    - easier to install virtual box, for testing multiple OS environments
>    - managing multiple OS environments, it can run 4 separate sessions
>    without noticeable lag (cf. 2 sessions max with Vista and VMware)
>    - app support out of the box - it just tells you what you need to run
>    an app and then installs it for you
>    - no need to run anti virus software
>    - more stable, it never seems to fully crash (blue screen of death)
>    - if the window does freeze then it has a kill an app feature which
>    works
> --
> Bill Kerr
> http://billkerr2.blogspot.com/
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