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Jason Clarke JCL at gwsc.vic.edu.au
Sun Feb 22 09:33:07 EST 2009

Hrm, getting the brain working on a Sunday morning is interesting.

Fibre to the desktop and making sure that there is about 20 points in
each and every room.
A network to support the above.
I wouldn't mind having a Petabyte of SAN here.
Xerox Docucenter copiers everywhere (or similar).
A 1Gbit/s internet connection.

An additional member of staff for IT support.
Replacement imaging software (Altiris) so that we can reduce the 'busy
work' we find ourselves doing.
Desktops with 4 year on-site warranties.
Management software for printers, servers etc so that we become more
proactive rather than reactive.
Toshiba Portege's for everyone.
IWB's with ShortThrow projectors in every classroom with DVD/VHS and TV

There's probably more but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet.


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Subject: [Offtopic] windfall school tech spending list

Hi all,

A quick survey .. regarding technology .. what would you and your school

spend many bucket loads of money on .. right now .. technology related

maybe, an unlimited, within reason, thankful ex-student bequest say :)

just a very short list if you like, on or off list, and i'll collate :D

tens+ million for technology related spending **now** for your school ??


http://www.edweek.org American Technology experts are advising school 
officials to look closely at the new federal economic-stimulus package 
for indirect as well as direct sources of aid for technology projects. 
The $787 billion stimulus bill, signed into law last week, includes $650

million for existing educational technology programs and opens
opportunities to find money for such purposes as improved broadband 
access for rural schools and enhanced data-management systems."

Eg all notebooks, touch screen iwbs & fast broadband in every classroom?

just maybe, Kevin might need to spend more yet, quickly, let's be ready

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