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I'll add this to my collection of spacecraft that my family is on. All of us (except the youngest who wasn't born) are on the New Horizons probe on the way to Pluto and all the kids are sending a perpetual message on the Venus Climate Orbiter.
You can send your own message and have until 10/1/10 to sign up.

I think my youngest's message was "are we there yet?"


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> Sounds like a fun activity. Years ago I managed to get the names of my family onto the Mars mission rovers. Enjoy :-)
> Regards Roland
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> Do you want to hitch a ride on NASA's next climate monitoring satellite? Join the Glory mission, which will launch no earlier than Oct. 1, 2010, by surfing over to the Send Your Name Around the Earth Web page. Names will be recorded on a microchip built into the satellite, and you will get a printable certificate from NASA acknowledging your participation. There are already 226,323 names on the chip, but there's still plenty of room. You may not submit your name more than once.
> To add your name to the microchip, visit http://polls.nasa.gov/utilities/sendtospace/jsp/sendName.jsp.
> Glory carries two scientific sensors dedicated to understanding the effects of aerosols and the sun's variability on Earth's climate. The Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor will collect information about tiny liquid and solid particles suspended in the atmosphere that absorb or reflect sunlight. The Total Irradiance Monitor will measure the intensity of incoming sunlight that can vary over time.
> To learn more about the Glory mission, visit http://glory.gsfc.nasa.gov/.
> Become a Friend to the Glory Mission on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?id=1368706679&ref=profile
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