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Sounds like a fun activity. Years ago I managed to get the names of my
family onto the Mars mission rovers. Enjoy :-)

Regards Roland

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> Do you want to hitch a ride on NASA's next climate monitoring satellite?
> Join the Glory mission, which will launch no earlier than Oct. 1, 2010, by
> surfing over to the Send Your Name Around the Earth Web page. Names will be
> recorded on a microchip built into the satellite, and you will get a
> printable certificate from NASA acknowledging your participation. There are
> already 226,323 names on the chip, but there's still plenty of room. You may
> not submit your name more than once.
> To add your name to the microchip, visit *
> http://polls.nasa.gov/utilities/sendtospace/jsp/sendName.jsp*.
> Glory carries two scientific sensors dedicated to understanding the effects
> of aerosols and the sun's variability on Earth's climate. The Aerosol
> Polarimetry Sensor will collect information about tiny liquid and solid
> particles suspended in the atmosphere that absorb or reflect sunlight. The
> Total Irradiance Monitor will measure the intensity of incoming sunlight
> that can vary over time.
> To learn more about the Glory mission, visit http://glory.gsfc.nasa.gov/.
Become a Friend to the Glory Mission on Facebook:

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