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Hi all,

This Wednesday, 22nd April, world "Earth Day" turns forty

Apparently the, 'largest secular civic event in the world'


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and ..



Washington, DC – Earth Day Network, an international environmental 
advocacy organization and a recognized leader in the field of carbon 
footprint measurement, has released its newest tool to combat climate 
change: The Ecological Footprint Calculator. 

The Footprint Calculator is intended to raise environmental consciousness 
in an educational, user-friendly, and fun way. 

Created by the originators of the ecological footprint, Global Footprint 
Network, the calculator provides users with a three-dimensional avatar of 
their choosing, and situates them on a block in a virtual neighborhood. 

The user is then taken through a series of questions about her food 
consumption, energy use, favorite mode of transportation, type of 
residence, recycling commitment, and spending habits.

“It’s fun to use and really conveys a powerful message,” said Kathleen 
Rogers, President of Earth Day Network. 

Results are shown first in relative terms; after the Footprint Calculator 
analyzes a user’s living habits, it tells her how many “planets” would be 
necessary to sustain human life- if everyone lived just like her. 

The users are also shown how many acres of land and tons of carbon 
necessary to sustain their lifestyle. They are then given the option of 
revisiting the quiz to see where they “went wrong”, and given suggestions 
on how to reduce their carbon footprint. 

“I like that it not only suggests ways to change your habits, but also 
shows the measurable impact small changes on a personal level can 
create,” adds Rogers. 

Earth Day Network’s Ecological Footprint Calculator has been used by tens 
of millions around the world to evaluate their environmental impact and 
make lifestyle changes to reduce it. 

A powerful educational tool aimed to generate critical thinking and 
inspire younger generations to choose a sustainable lifestyle.

To take the quiz, visit www.earthday.net/ecofootprint. 

The new Footprint Calculator has launched with measures for the United 
States and Australia only, but new batch of countries will be available 

About Earth Day Network 

Earth Day Network, www.earthday.net, seeks to grow and diversify the 
environmental movement worldwide, and to mobilize it as the most 
effective vehicle for promoting a healthy, sustainable planet. It pursues 
these goals through education, politics, and consumer activism. Earth Day 
Network has a global reach with a network of more than 17,000 partners 
and organizations in 174 countries. More than 1 billion people 
participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest secular civic 
event in the world. 


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