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Stephen Digby digby.stephen.p at edumail.vic.gov.au
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Chrome doesn't seem to work with php based online WSIWYG editors such as in
moodle or joomla.

Nor does it allow password management addons like RoboForm

Nor does it allow additional search engines to be added to the search

Not moving from Firefox yet !


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Had look last night. The installer gets most of the install from the web and
I can't install it here at work probably because of our proxy/firewall.

see here: http://www.google.com/chrome

First impression is that it's speedy, and that the interface, menus, option
setting etc is nice and tidy.


At 11:39 PM 02/09/2008, you wrote:

Rumour has it that Google are about to release another new product.
This time they are taking on the big guys - Microsoft.
The product? a web browser to be called Chrome.
It's apparently due for release in beta form in the next few hours, and the
concept is described in comic form at 
More info at
Given Google's efforts so far in the Web 2.0 area, a browser that takes on
some functions of an operating system would appear to be a very useful
Ken Price,
Tasmanian Society for Information Technology in Education

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