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RILEY, Bruce Bruce.RILEY at kew.vic.edu.au
Wed Jun 6 12:29:35 EST 2007

Hi all


I apologise for the cross posts. Some lists receive more responses than
others. :-)


We are investigating options for online attendance software. What are
schools using for this?


Our requirements (sorry this should read wish list) are a:


*         System that students can use to swipe their card when they
arrive late/leave early to/from school. VCE coordinators are
particularly keen on this as Kew runs a minimum attendance policy. Staff
could access it online and mark their roll each lesson

*         Link in with our current AD network so that only one database
is maintained

*         Hand held device could also access the system via wireless

*         Reporting

*         Generate SMS or emails to parents for non attendance


I know this has elements of 'Ultranet' but we are keen to implement a
system now.


If this has already been asked I apologise in advance.









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