[Offtopic] ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource

Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
Thu Jul 12 19:46:33 EST 2007

Hi all,

May be of interest for Vic Ed Dpt people  (note: needs edumail login to access, and reportedly still a little wobbly)

"From a fairly recent DE&T memo ...

Now available online at <http://epotential.education.vic.gov.au/>, the ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource provides teachers, principals and professional learning leaders with information relating to the ICT capabilities of teachers.  

It also provides digital resources to support professional learning, designed to build on each teacher's level of capability. 

Teachers can use the ePotential Resource to access:

* a dynamic online survey tool that immediately and privately identifies individual ICT capabilities (completing the survey takes around 20 minutes)

* relevant digital resources supporting the increased integration of ICT for powerful learning and teaching

* an online interactive journal and action planning tool to support professional learning needs.

For enquiries, please email epotential at edumail.vic.gov.au "

Cheers, Sheryl
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia 

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