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Many schools use Moodle, and there is a moodle mailing list on


We have also had some fun/informative/informal meetings with internet
access where individual teachers have shown/spoken about what they are
doing with moodle.


Why purchase expensive software when there is an open-source alternative
that also just happens to be the best!!



Ros Meadows


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> According to its pledge, Blackboard says it will not "assert U.S.

> No. 6,988,138 and many other pending patent applications against the

> development, use, or distribution of open-source software or

> course management systems anywhere in the world, to the extent that

> systems are not bundled with proprietary software."


There are various actions in motion to invalidate that patent; sounds

like they're hoping that if they drop the threat to open source

systems, these actions will drop. Not likely.


> Of these, Sakai (sponsored by hundreds of unis worldwide, including

> does seem a worthy, free alternative, though Moodle is also very


> Any opinions regarding any of these systems?


sakai seems like a good idea, but it's more focused at larger (read

university) systems I think. It also seems to have a committee

approach to its design and development (a camel is a horse that was

designed by a committee), and I have read that it isn't great in

practice. Having said that, I haven't used it myself.


I quite like moodle myself, and it has become quite popular adding to

it's strength as more people add more features. I've used it, as well

as WebCT (now owned by blackboard), and moodle won hands down (this

was a couple of years ago, however). I have read of studies with

similar conclusions based on student perceptions.


We're about to roll out an elearning system for our school, and the

main contenders seem to be MyInternet/MyClassroom (which I have no

idea about, but am about to evaluate), and moodle.






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