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Hi all,

Education is currently Australia's fourth largest export money earner.

However it's clear that within a very few years, international education
will face *intense* competition from on-line distance education providers.

One hopes Australia will be ready to make this change. However a look at 
the archives of the well respected, 'Asian Journal of Distance Education'
for eg, does not show *one* paper from Australia in the Journal's history.

One would think, from a national perspective, we should be waving the 
flag strongly in this Journal especially. So, if anyone is considering 
publishing Distance Education research, why not do us all a favour and
consider this important and historic, six-for-one, invitation to publish? 

(Note: Please do forward this offer on to your colleagues as appropriate)

Asian Journal of Distance Education <http://www.AsianJDE.org>

Call for Papers: Special Issue on the Rights to Education

Next year (2008) will mark the 60-Year Anniversary of the 1948 Universal
Declaration of Human Rights <http://www.hrweb.org/legal/udhr.html>

To commemorate this worldwide, six international journals in education
are collaborating to jointly publish papers on the role of distance
education in the implementatioin of the rights to education. 

The six international journals are:

* Asian Journal of Distance Education
* Distances et savoirs
* European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning
* Journal of Asychronous Learning Networks
* International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning
* Open Praxis

Email your Paper to :   Editor at AsianJDE.org

Authors should address - in part or in full - responses to the following
questions ; What is the role of distance education in the implementation
of the right to education ? How is distance education involved when
education is seen as a right ? What is its position in educational
policy, as a factor of quality and an instrument for liberty ? Do the
technologies of distance education act as enablers or barriers to
achieving the university right to education ? 

Authors may adopt a pedagogical, sociological, economic, political,
technical, legal, practical, or other perspective - as they wish. 

The Editors of the 'Asian Journal of Distance Education' are happy to
offer early advice and continued help freely to authors throughout the
process of writing and publishing their work.

Final texts selected by each participating journal (subject to the
outcome of the blind peer-review process) will be published in their
original language on a common website, with open access ; they may also
be published on the usual websites of the journals and / or in the
printed versions of these journals, either in their original language or

Accordingly, authors will benefit from a wide international
dissemination, and their works will make up a common international
reference regarding distance education and the issue of the universal
right to education.

The suggested schedule is as follows ; 
 31 January 2007 : email your draft proposal or abstract 
 1 April 2007 : notification of acceptance 
 1 December 2007 : email your full paper 
 1 January 2008 : deadline for final / revised paper 
 Spring 2008 : All selected papers are published on a common website of
the participating journals 

Please see the Journal's Guidelines and Template at:


ISSN  1347-9008 © The Asian Society of Open and Distance Education  

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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