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Thu Feb 1 02:08:03 EST 2007

At 02:29 PM 31/01/2007, Lynley Clark writes:

Good afternoon,

The edna Australian Schools calendar has again proven to be a popular 
resource for teachers and librarians.  It has also proven to be a hit 
with Year 12 students who find them useful for planning their workload 
etc.  This free resource is a double sided A1 poster with significant 
dates of interest to the education community in Australia.

Copies of this resource are available free of charge. To request a copy 
or copies for your school or class please contact Lynley Clark at 
lclark at educationau.edu.au or 08 8344 3217.


Lynley Clark
Schools Information Officer
lclark at educationau.edu.au
Ph: 08 8344 3217

Cheers, Lynley
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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